citycoco m1ps luxury Rooder electric scooter 2022

citycoco m1ps luxury Rooder electric scooter 2022

citycoco m1ps luxury Rooder electric scooter 2022



00:00 Rooder mangosteen m1ps luxury overview

00:10 MGSD SARA m1ps custom, chrome frame, chrome wheels, leather seat cushion, turquoise green.

00:55 m1ps scooter matte black, 60v 50ah samsung/lg battery, 45kmph to 65kmph max speed. EEC COC

01:59 SARA 72v 4000w 40ah. 80kmph, EEC COC CE.

02:14 custom vintage seat and colors.

02:36 classic model with double seat in gold color.

02:44 citycoco m1ps unboxing by Gavin Lee.

04:16 whatsapp: +8613632905138


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Model MGSD M1PS Luxury, Mangosteen Sara M1PS
Overall dimensions Length * Width * Height (mm) 2100*760*1160 mm
Frame material RONZLLA Q195
Curb weight of the scooter (kg) 90kg
Maximum speed (km/h) 2000w 45km/h, 4000w 80km/h
Tire size (front and rear wheels) Front 130/70-12, Rear 215/40-12
Hub size Front 12*2.75, Rear 12*7.5
Tire pressure (Front/Rear) (KPa) Front 225 /rear 151
Types of power storage batteries Lithium battery
Numbers of power storage batteries 160
Braking mode Front and rear double disc brakes
Motor type Brushless DC
Rated voltage of motor controller (V) 60V  72V
Rated output power of the motor (W) 2000watt 4000watt
The current of controller 45A 75A
Working principle of motor Electric drive motor


·Please obey the traffic laws and regulations. Don’t go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, run a red light, etc. Don’t use your mobile phone while riding.
·Please do not use the third-party accessories or disassemble, crack or modify without permission. The loss caused by this will be borne by you and you will lose our warranty commitment.
·As the product is constantly improved, the vehicle you purchased may be slightly different from the one in this manual. Please refer to the actual vehicle.
If you have any questions about the usage, repair and installation of the vehicle, please contact our dealer or after-sales service center.


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