best electric scooter for adults

best electric scooter for adults

Rooder best electric scooter for adults for sale GT01.

Rooder GT01 is an electric scooter with 48v 20ah lithium battery and a dual motor 70km/h speed.

it’s made by Rooder Technology.

what’s new?

1. Upgrade the shock absorbers to better quality ones, and adjust the angles.
2. Upgrade the pedal heighth to 17cm.
3. Hide the horn to the headlight to make it more nice design.
4. Upgrade the GT01 combination lock of the battery cover.
5. Upgrade the battery box and connector.
6. Upgrade the side lights
7. Upgrade the material of the rear fender.
8. Make the fold part stronger.
9. Upgrade the LCD display screen
10. Adjust the colors of the decorative parts
11. Upgrade the sandpaper.

best electric scooter for adults review youtube video:


00:00 Rooder high quality cheap price new electric scooter gt01.

00:07 headlight with hidden horn inside and front turn signal light.

00:09 10 inch big wheel fat tire with red front suspensions.

00:10 ONE second quick folding part.

00:11 fashion sandpaper with nice design, we can make your logo on it. OEM available for bulk order.

00:12 high quality kick stand with spring.

00:14 haddle with red rear lamp, turn lights and double supsensions.

00:15 metal material back fender.

00:16 1650W rear engine with fat tire 90/55-6 and disc brake.

00:17 holes for option seat.

00:18 controller cables.

00:19 screw for height adjustment.

00:20 igition, gear button, voltage screen, accelerator, ECO turbo button and Single/double engine button.

00:21 LCD display with temperature, voltage, light, speed, mileage, grear information and so on.

00:22 phone holder with USB port.

00:23 front light on/off, signal light button and horn button

00:25 battery lock with password

00:28 pedal with sandpaper, accept logo or any other design .

00:33 folding

00:34 side lights, logo or website lights are option.

00:35 Gavin Lee from Rooder Group.

00:37 Option seat

00:41 rider on the seat

00:44 all terrain

00:48 ride on the city road, please wear the helmet.

00:56 max speed 70km/h

01:00 brake distance

01:10 clibming the step

01:15 RGB lights and package, gt01 scooter, battery, charger, tools and manual inside.

01:20 HD photos, videos and best whoelsae prices are availabe for marketing.

01:28 contact Rooder WA business number: +8613632905138.

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