mangosteen m1 2000w 20ah EU warehouse

Mangosteen Electric Scooter Chopper m1

– brushless rim motor 2000Watt
– up to approx. 48km/h, adjustable in 3 stages
– Lithium-ion battery 60V, 30Ah
(simply remove and charge at home)
– USB connection 5 volts
– Alarm system with 2 remote controls (when triggered, additional motor lock)
and Keyless Go
– Steering wheel lock
– adjustable steering wheel
– horn
– LED headlights with daytime running lights and high beam
– Battery indicator
– Digital speedometer in km/h, battery level, mileage
– Own weight approx. 75kg
– Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
– Left and right rear view mirrors
– LED brake light and tail light
– Seat and front axle sprung, very comfortable driving
– Pneumatic tire outer diameter approx. 48cm
Rear tires 215 tires
– Seat height approx. 57cm

Rooder Super M1 Review Video:


Rooder Mangosteen M1 Unboxing:


Registros de data e hora:

00:00 citycoco m1 unboxing by Gavin Lee from Rooder Group

00:55 unboxing mangosteen m1 electric scooter by Sam

02:15 O que há dentro da embalagem?

03:36 how to unpack the front wheel of the echopper?

04:29 how to install the escooter handlebar?

07:38 Remove the protective foam from the electric Rooder m1.

08:20 how to install the front wheel of the Roller?

13:56 how to install the phone holder?

15:10 how to install the mirrors?

16:20 connect the chopper battery, the remove battery can be charged at home.

17:56 turn on by key or remote to test all the function, speedometer, turn lights, front light, brake light , horn and so on.

19:07 put the phone on the holder, you can also charge your phone on the Rooder scooter.

19:24 ajuste o guidão e, em seguida, conserte-o.

20:44 detalhes


Rooder Mangosteen m1 Colors:

01:14 No.1 branco

01:05 No.2 vermelho fosco

01:38 No.3 preto fosco

01:08 No.4 amarelo

01:41 No.5 azul escuro

00:53 No.6 laranja

00:56 No.7 verde fosco

00:59 No.8 azul claro

01:20 No.9 prata claro

01:29 Ouro nº 10

01:26 No.11 rosa

01:11 No.12 verde turquesa

01:17 No.13 marrom

00:47 No.14 Cor marrom

01:23 No.15 roxo

01:35 No.16 prata

01:44 No.17 vermelho

01:47 No.18 cinza fosco

01:02 Nº 19 azul fosco

00:50 No. 20 Rooder green

01:32 No.21 vermelho cereja

00:04 21 cores para escolha

01:50 Todas as cores da scooter Rooer

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