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scooters elétricos para adultos com assento Rooder r803o13 60v 5600w 38a preço de atacado


Rooder is well-known on the market. As a big manufacturer, high quality, good price, delivery on time and sincere service are our value and promises to our customers. As an enterprise, we are confident enough to present competitive products to severe competition. Quality assurance is extremely important to our company. We have advanced QC and production equipment at our disposal and can provide a consistent high standard for products. Our scooters strictly comply with IQC, IPQC and FQC standards and specifications.

Our scooters have been certificated by CE, FCC and ROSH etc. Also we strictly follow the standard of ISO9001. Our scooter has been exported more than 80 countries and areas all over the world, such as Europe Demark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy Russia, etc., South Africa, Southeast Asia Malaysia, Philippines and America USA, Canada and Brazil, Austria & New Zealand.

Our strategic target is to make two-wheel electric chariot scooter an “international brand” We have been developed as a famous manufacturer of two-wheel electric chariot scoter both at and abroad with R&D, roduction, ales and service integrated. We strive to provide high quality mobility tools for human short travel with sincerity, innovation, responsibility and excellence as our operation principle and environmental protection as our social mission. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Modelo  r803o13
NW  46kgs
Pneu  14inches tires, (14*5.0-6.5)
Carga máxima  170KG
Motor  60V2.8KW*2
Velocidade máxima  70-80km/h
Controlador  controladores duplos de 45A
Freios  Freios a óleo hidráulicos dianteiros e traseiros
Absorção de choques  Amortecedores de mola dianteiros e traseiros
Luzes  2*Luzes U7 + buzinas de motocicleta
Tela  Tela LCD, velocidade, bateria e quilometragem
Carregador  Carregador de 4A
Gradiente de escalada  aproximadamente 30 graus
Grau de impermeabilidade  IP54
Tensão de entrada do carregador  100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Bateria  Bateria de lítio 60v38ah
Tempo de carregamento  5-10 hours
Tamanho do desdobramento  138*30*140cm
Tamanho dobrável  138*30*47cm
Tamanho da embalagem  140*34*53cm
GW  50 kg


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