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coco city scooters electric Rooder r804d-eec with big wheel fat tire 1500w 40ah EEC COC street legal


Coco city scooters electric Rooder r804d-eec, it’s updated from the r804r model, it will come with 10 inch rim big wheel and fat tire 225/40-10, 1500w 12ah, 20ah or 40ah certification, VIN on the frame and the coc document, road legal. Please contact Rooder sales Gavin Lee to buy, whatsapp: +861363290518,  please click to link to the phone:


Model: r804d-eec
Tamanho do pneu: 18×9,5 polegadas
Brake mode : Disc brake
Subida máxima: 18 graus
Torque máximo: 95N/M
Quilometragem máxima: 35-40 km
Velocidade máxima: 45km/h
Carga máxima: 200KG
Bateria removível: bateria de lítio de 60V12AH
Tempo de carregamento: 4 a 6 horas
Potência do motor: 1500W
Suspensão com amortecedor dianteiro: sim
Suspensão do amortecedor traseiro: sim
Horn: sim.
Luzes de giro traseiras: sim
Semáforo de parada: sim
Tela LCD: sim
Double seat: yes

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We have more than 30 colors for you to choose, normally black and red are in stock in European warehouse and US warehouse,

Other colors: gree, blue, silver, gold, pink, diamond green, brown, purple, light siliver, red, gray matte, blue matte, rooder green, cherry red and so on.

We can send it from China. you can also customize special colors likes spider man, US flag and the Union Jack.

Min order 1 unit from warehouse to your door, it will take 3-9 day from dutch warehouse to different european countries, and it will tkae

3-12 day from USA to your door. Yoc can also pick-up from our warehouse.  more details, please feel free to contact our whatsapp: +8613632905138 or email, for retail business, you can buy from our online shop diretly:


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