mangosteen m1p citycoco elektroroller chopper

mangosteen m1p citycoco elektroroller chopper

20ah 28ah lithium battery removable

2000w 3000w powerful engine 65kmph 37mph

mangosteen technology co., limited EEC COC DOT

12 months warranty, whatsapp +8613632905138

mangosteen m1p citycoco

First of all, Rooder mangosteen m1p with amazing Harley chopper style design, it’s popular in Europe and USA.

mangosteen m1p citycoco
In other respects, the driving experience of the Rooder arrow m1p is comfortable and the support is insufficient when turning.

mangosteen m1p citycoco
The disadvantage is that the power should limit in European countries. It has many functions, but the disadvantage is that the higher price than normal electric bicycle.

mangosteen m1p citycoco

Every citycoco choppers have pros and cons, the key is how you choose. the riding experience, the renovations, power and intelligence.

mangosteen m1p citycoco


Rooder Mangosteen brands are the top brand of the citycoco choppers, and they have exceeded the traditional electric bike by a lot in all aspects.

mangosteen m1p citycoco


In fact, it does not matter what you choose, what matters is whether we like it.

mangosteen m1p citycoco mangosteen m1p citycoco mangosteen m1p citycoco mangosteen m1p citycoco mangosteen m1p citycoco mangosteen m1p citycoco



Model: Rooder Arrow, r804-m1p-EEC
Tire size : 18inch
brake mode : Disc brake
Maximum climb : 30 degree
Maximum torque : 95N/M
Maximum mileage : 50KM
Maximum speed:45km/h
Maximum load : 200KG
Removable battery: 60V20AH lithium battery
Charging time : 5hours
Motor power : 2000W
Horn: yes.
Front shock suspension: yes
Rear shock suspension: yes
Horn: yes.
Front led light: yes
Front turning lights: yes
Rear turning lights: yes
Stop light: yes
LCD screen display: yes


1 piece/carton
carton size:182*38*77cm
NW:76kg, GW:86kg

Container order:
50pcs in 20GP
98pcs in 40GP
114pcs in 40HQ
Rooder m1p  unboxing:




00:00 citycoco m1p Rooder Arrow electric scooter unboxing

02:58 what’s inside the Rooder Mangosteen scooter package?

03:21 how to install the escooter handlebar?

06:01 how to remove the axis of the Rooder scooter?

06:23 Remove the protective foam from the e-mangosteen m1p.

06:58 how to install the front wheel of the Rooder ElektroRoller chopper?

08:52 how to install the front fender of the Rooder citycoco?

12:06 how to install the emangosteen mirrors?

14:58 connect the MGSD chopper battery, the remove battery can be charged at home. 17:56 turn on the scoter by key or remote to test all the function, speedometer, turn lights, front light, brake light , horn and so on.

16:25 overview


Mangosteen m1p review:



00:00 Rooder Arrow m1p overview

02:35 driving on mountain road

03:10 climbing the 20 degree mountain road

03:38 testing on the mountain road

06:00 testing the front and rear suspension

06:40 driving on city road

08:00 driving on the grass

08:13 testing the brake

08:26 tesing the speed on the speedometer and GPS

11:02 contact whatsapp +8613632905138


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